Advenser provides ultra-efficient and extremely accurate Point Cloud Scan to As-built BIM model conversion services for all your MEP elements such pipes, ducts, plumbing fittings, electrical fixtures and equipment in your preferred 3D modeling environment for subsequent detailing and documentation as specified by the LOD project requirements. Our accurate and efficient scan to BIM services empowers your organization to continue focusing on your mainstream activity by offloading the As-built model creation task.

Point Cloud to BIM

Practical Applications of MEP Point Cloud Modeling

If you are an MEP contractor or even a general contractor, you can utilize our scan to BIM services in the following ways:

(i) You can drastically avoid delays by accurate and quick integration of existing MEP elements’ condition into the design process

(ii) You can use point cloud scan to capture the constructed MEP services model for your as-built documentation set (absorbing the site deviations from the design drawings) that are to be submitted to the owner or general contractor after project completion.

(iii) You can use the BIM model generated from the point cloud in determining the impacts of the proposed MEP system on the existing MEP elements.

(iv) You can utilize the As-built BIM model as a Comprehensive record of the building MEP system as-built condition in a virtual environment for facility management, repair and maintenance.

(v) The As-built MEP model generated using point cloud scan can be leveraged to demolish targeted services safely without disrupting other services that are to be retained.

We offer the following Point Cloud Modeling services apart from MEP:

  • Architectural elements (Internal/external walls, doors, windows, floors, ceiling)
  • Structural members: (Beams, columns, trusses, stairs, braces, handrails, joists)
  • Integrated BIM project: (As-built model of architectural, structural & MEP)
  • Revit family recreation

Advenser deliverables for point cloud modeling:

  • 3D BIM Models
  • BIM Integration
  • As-built Documentation
  • Elevation Drawings

The Industry Standards We Follow:

  • IECC : International Energy Conservation Code
  • ASHRAE Standards : The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standards
  • NFPA Codes : National Fire Protection Association codes
  • AS 1668.2 : Australian Standards for The use of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning in buildings
  • AS1851-2005 : Australian Standards for Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment
  • AS/NZS 3666 : Joint Australian New Zealand Standard
  • NBN Standards : S21-200, S21-201, S21-202, S21-203, N S21-207

Top Reasons to Hire Advenser:

  • Impeccable quality and competitive prices
  • An experienced and dedicated team of engineers
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Providing comprehensive BIM Services since 2007
  • A dedicated team of in-house quality analysts
  • Quick turnaround time

Our Software Proficiency:

We are a team of engineers who always stay one step ahead in terms of the technology we use. Our MEP engineers and draftsmen are experts in

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AutoCAD Civil 3D Civil 3D

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