Revit MEP Services

Revit MEP BIM Services
We are able to create intelligent, parametric models using the Revit Family Function and that the models are created directly in Revit.

These can be used to create a range of engineering components for designers, builders and manufacturers.

Resizing a model can be made easy using the parametric modeling functionality in Revit. As long as a model is created with a set of rules then re-sizing a model can be controlled. This control is made possible by the level of rules and relationships which are built within the dimensions of the part or assembly.

We are able to create Revit family models so that designers can use accurate models for any aspect of their internal or external design for construction projects; be it for interior furniture, mechanical valves, window design or precise design of mechanical valves that are related to control re-sizing.

We are proficient in creating Revit Families for mechanical, electrical and ventilation components used in Revit MEP projects.

In order to ensure that manufactured products are specified in the design at the start of a project and also in providing designers Revit Family models have become more important. Advenser can also create a library of Revit Family models. Future updates to this library are made possible and new models can be added to the product range. As such it is becoming increasingly essential to create and provide Revit family models for each and every product that is designed and manufactured.