Transition Support from CAD to BIM – Offshore and Onshore

Transition Support from CAD TO BIM : Offshore and Onshore

Transition from CAD to BIM platform requires a substantial amount of time and effort on behalf of the team that is accustomed to, and comfortable with, working in a certain manner. In the case of transition from 2D CAD to BIM, we provide support by focusing a person or team in the transition of thought process, workflows and systems from 2D CAD to BIM.

In case of offshore support, our team works remotely with a dedicated coordinator or dedicated team of BIM engineers at the client’s end, while onshore support refers to a member of the team working from the client’s office to expedite the process. Usual practice is that the transition begins with the client’s visit to our premise, which is followed by offshore support being offered for a specific period of time, concluded with onshore support.

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