BIM Consulting

BIM Consulting

Advenser as a strategic BIM partner to the client educating and training them for seamless migration from CAD drafting to BIM implementation. We cater to a wide range of client requirements ranging from BIM implementation, BIM execution & to carrying out constructability reviews.

The BIM Consulting Services We Offer:

BIM Implementation

The team of BIM engineers at Advenser is capable of offering tailored BIM implementation plans to our clients for an easy shift from CAD to BIM. It is the vast knowledge we have gained over the years; we share with our clients. Our team of BIM engineers will work as an extension of our clients’ team to develop a BIM implementation plan (BIP) in a way that the project will prove to be beneficial in terms of turnaround, quality and productivity.

Constructability Reviews

Constructability review makes it possible to analyze the proposed construction process from scratch to end even before the construction commences. The team of academically proficient engineers at Advenser with 15+ years of experience and vast technical know-how are capable of providing constructability review to organizations to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and complete the construction of projects on or ahead of schedule.

BIM Execution Plans (BIM EP)

The experienced project team at Advenser is capable of developing both pre and post-BIM project execution plans tailored to the specific needs of a client. At Advenser every BIM Execution plan is developed by experienced and dedicated professionals with high expertise in their field to deliver the finished project.

BIM Content Creation

Our services cater to manufacturers, fabricators, architects, and engineers, offering both standard and bespoke VDC/BIM content creation. With solid proficiency in Autodesk Revit and vast BIM experience, we create parametric and non-parametric family models for various architectural and structural components, enriching your product catalogs.

Strategy Planning for BIM

We craft BIM strategy plans that incorporate the latest in BIM technology to push our clients’ workflows towards cutting-edge efficiency. Advenser offers a full suite of services, including detailed training, consulting, and complete integration of BIM processes into your projects, ensuring smooth transitions and optimal usage.

BIM Management

By leveraging BIM management, we enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of AECO projects through accurate digital or virtual representations of physical and functional characteristics. Our services ensure that these digital models are precise and practical for project needs.

BIM Advisory Services

Advenser is dedicated to providing specialized BIM advisory services and helping clients tackle BIM implementation and optimization challenges. Our expert consultants offer guidance to ensure successful navigation through any BIM-related issues.

BIM for Infrastructure

Specializing in BIM for infrastructure, we have extensive experience with a wide range of projects such as metro stations, bridges, dams, airport terminals, tunnels, railways, highways, lighthouses, parking garages, bus stations, telecom lines, water systems, and sewage networks. Our expertise guarantees meticulous planning and execution.

BIM Training

Our trainers, who bring substantial project experience from various regions, are adept at training BIM professionals. We assist companies in adopting best practices, making informed investments, and taking the proper steps to enhance their BIM capabilities.

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