BIM Implementation

BIM Implementation

“The success of any BIM project is solely dependent on how flawless and effective the implementation is done“
Backed by a team of BIM engineers with 10+ years of experience, Advenser has been providing tailored BIM implementation strategies to our clients based on the systems used by them. Our team of BIM engineers will work as an extension of our clients’ team to develop a BIM implementation plan (BIP) in a way that the project will prove to be beneficial for our client in terms of turnaround time, quality and productivity. We will make sure that your organization moves smoothly through the stage of implementation and will assist you in accomplishing your BIM goal at the lowest possible initial cost.

Our tailored BIM implementation plan:

The transition from CAD to BIM is truly grueling. The extensive BIM experience we have gained over the years in working with the AEC industry enables us to devise tailored BIM implementation plans (BIP) to our clients that ensure a smooth transition from CAD to BIM.
Developing a BIP at Advenser is done after a thorough analysis of the results of extensive research which mainly focus on

  • Assessment of current procedures and working practices:

This phase includes researching on the current working procedure of our clients to understand the Level of BIM adoption at their firm.

  • Studying the business case for BIM implementation:

This phase includes understanding our clients’ reason for the adoption of BIM. This is generally done to determine the easiest roadmap to BIM adoption.

  • Identifying the changes needed to the current working procedure:

After completing adequate research on the current working practices of our clients and studying the business case, our team of BIM coordinators will determine the easiest and effective changes that need to be made to the existing working practice.

  • Devising a BIM implementation strategy:

This stage is often the most delicately handled one. The BIM implementation solely depends on the current level of BIM adoption. It may be relatively simple or it may prove more complex depending on the current BIM maturity level.

  • Division of labour and guidance on live BIM projects:

Our team of BIM engineers/BIM coordinators will split the clients’ team into various BIM disciplines depending on a lot of criteria. Work will be divided among the clients’ engineering team and our team will closely monitor the ongoing workflow and do QC on the models.

  • Review of the job:

This phase usually involves sending the job files done by our clients’ team back to our in-house team of quality analysts for developing a detailed report on the workflow. Based on the report, the necessary changes will be done on the deliverables and then the final stage of training commences.

  • Support and monitoring:

After the successful completion of a job, our team of BIM engineers/coordinators will continue to provide the necessary guidance and support as needed by the client.

Wondering our expertise?

Advenser, since its inception in 2007, has been a trusted partner to the AEC industry catering to its BIM needs. Over the years we have kept our pace with the technological advancement in the AEC industry, which has helped us evolve into being a renowned BIM service provider. It is this extensive experience we have gained from the 400+ BIP projects, which makes us a highly sought for workforce when it comes to implementing BIM.

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