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BIM Services

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a tool used by construction (AEC) industries. BIM controls the construction industry. Nowadays BIM is implemented in many countries and it is made mandatory in some countries.
  • BIM is a great help to architects, engineers, project managers and contractors.
Building Information Modeling Services
  • Advenser provides BIM modeling services to Engineers, General and specialty contractors, fabricators, building owners and architects. We provide Architectural BIM, Structural BIM, Steel detailing, MEP BIM and Facade BIM services.
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MEP BIM Modeling Services
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The various benefits of BIM are:

  • Enhanced visualization
  • Higher productivity enabled by easy retrieval of information
  • Better coordination of construction documents (CD set)
  • Effective sharing of information, value-addition and reuse
  • Embedment and linking of vital information such as information of vendors, specific component materials, details and quantities required for estimation and tender
  • Improved delivery
  • Reduction in costs
  • Automation of assembly – digital product data may be used in downstream processes and for be utilized for manufacturing/assembling structural systems
  • Improved customer service – by a better understanding caused by accurate visualization.
  • Improved Facility management by utilization of building Lifecycle data – requirements, design, construction and operational

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