Sheet Metal Design & Modeling Services

Sheet Metal Design Services:

Sheet metal designing enables efficient production with improved interoperability. Additionally, professional sheet metal designs compliant with the industry standards benefit businesses to optimize and expedite their manufacturing workflow.Our team has extensive global experience with designing sheet metal parts, models, and assemblies along with fabrication drawings for seamless & smooth manufacturing. We ensure that our Sheet metal design and modeling services are aesthetically aligned with your functional design needs. The team of engineers and professionals utilize special tools and advanced techniques desired for the process of Sheet metal designing.

Our Sheet Metal Design Services Include:​

  • Designing of 2D and 3D solid sheet metal parts/components, along with assemblies
  • Sheet metal shop drawings as per international quality standards
  • CAD conversion of existing design data or PDF
  • Sheet metal designing in CAD with k-factor, bends, collars, edges, flanges, miter, rib, and gusset as per DFM/DFA guidelines
  • Nesting drawings, laser cutting reports, and 2D drawings for sheet metal parts as DXF file
  • Generating Bills of Materials (BOMs) for the sheet metal design projects

Sheet Metal Modeling Services:

Realistic 3D sheet metal models help in 3D product visualization and precisely convey the manufacturing aspects to achieve the end goals. A comprehensive 3D sheet metal model boosts seamless design workflows and easily communicates product features, material insights, and fittings through a single file.At Advenser, our certified professionals create Sheet Metal 3D Models for parts/components and products meticulously taking into account the functionality of the key product within an assured timeframe. Sheet metal models aid in reducing design inefficiencies and controlling material wastage due to rework. Our Sheet metal modeling services benefit our clients to automate their designs eliminating unproductive redundant tasks and helping them stay productive.

Our Sheet Metal Modeling Services Include:​

  • 3D Sheet Metal Modeling and Prototyping
  • 3D sheet metal assembly drawings including part list, DXF files, and NC files
  • Custom sheet metal doors, louvers, kiosks, and other solid sheet components using the DriveWorks application
  • 3D Sheet model with sheet metal properties like bend radius, k-factor, gauge thickness, various bends, radius, miter, swept flanges, etc.
  • Fabrication drawings, 3D Sheet Metal Shop drawings, Manufacturing drawings, Sheet Metal flat pattern drawings
  • Nesting reports and Installation drawings
  • Design Validation & optimization by FEA specialists before production
  • Stress determination & fatigue life estimation of sheet metal products

The Industry Standards we Follow:

We have an in-house team of dedicated quality analysts who closely monitors every project at each phase. They ensure that the drafters and engineers adhere to the customized drafting standards followed by the client within the structured project scope maintaining the guidelines set by
  • IECC : International Energy Conservation Code
  • ASHRAE Standards : The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standards
  • NFPA Codes : National Fire Protection Association codes
  • AS 1668.2 : Australian Standards for The use of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning in buildings
  • AS1851-2005 : Australian Standards for Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment
  • AS/NZS 3666 : Joint Australian New Zealand Standard
  • NBN Standards : S21-200, S21-201, S21-202, S21-203, N S21-207

Top Reasons to Hire Advenser:

  • Impeccable quality and competitive prices
  • An experienced and dedicated team of engineers
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Providing comprehensive BIM Services since 2007
  • A dedicated team of in-house quality analysts
  • Quick turnaround time

Our Software Proficiency:

We are a team of engineers who always stay one step ahead in terms of the technology we use. Our MEP engineers and draftsmen are experts in

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